About me

I have always loved taking photos;  they can capture moments or tell stories so powerfully. It’s a pretty personal service, one that let’s you into people’s lives and their space.  We’re trusted with some big moments- from first smiles and I do’s, creating those brand images that capture the essence of you, freezing fleeting moments and the magic that occurs between families in the freedom of real, natural interactions.


I photograph feelings, gathering natural light and candid moments; finding the curiosity, the laughter, the passion, the you. Definitely preferring to find the personality and character above the (imperfect) posed shot.  

I love getting to know people, the how’s and why’s of what they do and bringing that together into a collection of images bespoke to them.

A teacher by trade, I am now starting to share my time between both careers. From taking relaxed family shots out at a favourite haunt or capturing the spirit of dance events to wandering around festivals and music venues or providing promotional shots of products or corporate events, I am happy behind the lens, creating those shots that give wonderful memories. 

My favourite way of working is to be in the background, letting events unfold around me, noticing the small details, glimpses into characters and settings, which makes taking shots of those magical images easy.

When I’m not behind the lens, you’ll find me hiking in the hills, on powder covered mountain tops, paddling down wild rivers, chasing my two boys around or sat curled up with a good book and a large slice of cake!

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch and let’s work together!