Festival Photography

Festivals are places where people relax, drop off their cares and are just there in the moment.  Perfect for wandering around and capturing real moments.

Totally one of my favourite places in the whole world to be is Greenbelt.  I’ve been every year since I was 15 and recently have had the honour of co-leading the Photography Team.  It’s a magical place, with so many golden opportunities to photograph any and everything; speakers, arts and crafts, acrobatics, musicians, artists, dancing, sports, crowds, children, back stage, on stage, up ladders, in the mud, under the sun, rushing through downpours.  I love it!

We have worked with Ali as a photographer for Greenbelt Festival for many years now. Each year she brings more and more to the table. More experience, more skill, more enthusiasm – and results that just keep getting better. Not only has Ali got a great eye and photographic ability, but she’s also a great people-person and that pays dividends at the festival. She puts people at their ease. She has taken on special and sensitive projects for us over the years and now leads our photography team onsite. I would not hesitate to recommend her – from portraiture to landscapes, Ali has it all.”     -Paul, Festival Director.

It’s like a super power, freezing time – recording forever those moments of joy, wonder, happiness, excitement, humour.  All those connections that make life.